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“I am confident the principles Russ and Rusty share in this book can bring forth lasting change in any team.”
Mike Fromm
Chief HR Officer, SHAW Industries

Creating healthy, fulfilling, successful teams starts with individuals who put the team before themselves.

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What does your team spend the most time doing?

In order for teams to be sustainably successful, two things must occur: the team must be accomplishing its purpose, and the people on the team must be fulfilled.

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Build trust

Team Work equips team members to shift from a mindset of “me first” to “team first.”

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Increase productivity

Work happens best in a healthy community and culture.

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Grow together

​​Teams should be fulfilling for all members—crushing goals and thriving in relationship together.

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Chapter 1 — TEAM WORK

1. Teams Made Well

Class project.

When you read those words, what emotions and memories are evoked? While it depends on your actual experience, my guess is you can relate to some of the following situations. There is that one dominant person who tries to tell everyone what to do. They have an opinion on every single thing. They might even formally “appoint” themselves as the leader. Perhaps there are two who want to be dominant, and a power struggle breaks out from the start. Much of the conversation and group energy goes to figuring out who will have the final say on what happens.
Or maybe you are the only responsible person in the group. No matter how you split up the work, every time you get together you end up taking on a little bit more. Eventually you end up doing the project by yourself because you want to make sure you get a decent grade—even if that means getting no help from the group. Maybe you have one person who is never “available”

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Who is Team Work designed for?

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Team Members

Individual contributors make the world go round. We’ve designed this book as a guide to more effective and fulfilling teamwork for each individual through sacrificial service.

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Leaders and Managers

Visionary leaders want fulfilled, successful, healthy teams. This guide will help you see the potential in your team and bring it to life.

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Whole Teams

Ideally, Team Work is an exercise for the whole team, an opportunity to get on the same page and move forward together.

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How this book is organized

In this book, you'll get a framework for a different kind of team—one where personal excellence and sacrificial service at the individual level change the narrative of the larger group. Each chapter in Team Work is grounded in story, offers practical tips and self-reflection questions for team members, and ends with a word for leaders.

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Chapters 1-2

The challenges of working on a team

Chapters 1-2 serve as an introduction to the challenges of working on a team in the modern workplace and the principles behind WinShape Teams’ approach to teamsmanship.

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Chapters 3-8

Personal excellence & self-reflection

Chapters 3-8 focus on traits of Personal Excellence, inviting readers into a time of self-reflection to identify the strengths that create opportunities to contribute to a team’s success and their own fulfillment, as well as the weaknesses that represent a roadblock to those goals.

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Chapters 9-15

Sacrificial service & team interactions

Chapters 9-15 focus on skills of Sacrificial Service related to the individual’s interactions with team members.

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Chapters 16-17

Leadership into the future

Chapters 16-17 serve as a conclusion detailing how the principles of “Team Work” prepare individual team members for future leadership roles, and how today’s leaders can apply the principles to their own work habits and encourage members of their teams to do the same.

Rusty Chadwick

About the Authors

Russ Sarratt and Rusty Chadwick have collectively spent over 30 years developing stronger, better-connected teams and leaders. Along the way, they’ve pinpointed what makes for a healthy culture and happy people. Their programs have helped tens of thousands of people find purpose and clarity in their work.

Russ Sarratt
Sr. Director
WinShape Teams
“...People are our most valuable resource, and we are proud to trust the team at WinShape with ours. I am confident the principles Russ and Rusty share in this book can bring forth lasting change in any team.”
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Chief HR Officer
SHAW Industries
“The 13 principles are guideposts that unleash the potential of teams like we’ve never seen before. More importantly, the ​​principles establish a legacy that future teams can build upon for generations.”
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John Oldham
Assistant Chief
Jacksonville Sherriff’s Office
“People are the secret sauce of all organizations. In their new book Team Work, Russ and Rusty provide a guidebook for developing individuals into engaged and fulfilled team members resulting in thriving and successful teams.”
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Dan T. Cathy
Chairman & CEO
Chick-fil-A, Inc
Mockup of the "Team Work" hard cover book.

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