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Advance Together to Accomplish More

We have a heart for teams and those who lead them. Building healthy cultures from the inside out since 1991.

Who We Are
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Build trust

Team Work equips team members to shift from a mindset of “me first” to “team first.”

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Increase productivity

Work happens best in a healthy community and culture.

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Grow together

​​Teams should be fulfilling for all members—crushing goals and thriving in relationship together.

For The Team: Documentary

- Watch a High-Performing Team in Action -
WinShape Teams presents, For The Team. A cinematic journey following the success of New Zealand's 6x World Championship Adventure Racing Team: Team Avaya.

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About the Authors

Russ and Rusty help run the show at Winshape Teams, an organization helping teams thrive since 1991.

Rusty Chadwick

Director, WinShape Teams

Russ Sarratt

Senior Director, WinShape Teams

Get Team Work in your office

Authors and specialists available to travel, lead workshops and/or breakout sessions, and facilitate experiences with your team.

​​Lisa Oates
Marketing Manager

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