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About the authors

Russ and Rusty help run the show at Winshape Teams, an organization helping teams thrive since 1991.


Rusty Chadwick

Rusty’s passion for transformational experiences was ignited during his time as a guide and head wrangler at two premier guest ranches in Colorado after college. After four years out West, he transitioned to WinShape Teams, where he has spent nearly a decade creating second-mile guest experiences and developing programming for teams and leaders. Today, Rusty’s role as Director for WinShape Teams has him pointing the team back toward its purpose and unique essentials, and providing leadership and support to each department. It’s here that he gets to exercise the skills he loves most by facilitating journeys for others.

Senior Director, WinShape Teams

Russ Sarratt

Russ Sarratt serves as the Senior Director for WinShape Teams. A staff member since 1997, Russ holds a Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership, with an emphasis in Servant Leadership, from Gonzaga University. His current responsibilities include leading WinShape Teams (leadership and team development), WinShape College Program (discipleship, leadership, and community), WinShape Camps (residential and day camps across the US), and WinShape Leadership (personal and professional development, culture, staff engagement, staff recognition).

“...People are our most valuable resource, and we are proud to trust the team at WinShape with ours. I am confident the principles Russ and Rusty share in this book can bring forth lasting change in any team.”
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Chief HR Officer
SHAW Industries
“The 13 principles are guideposts that unleash the potential of teams like we’ve never seen before. More importantly, the ​​principles establish a legacy that future teams can build upon for generations.”
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John Oldham
Assistant Chief
Jacksonville Sherriff’s Office
“People are the secret sauce of all organizations. In their new book Team Work, Russ and Rusty provide a guidebook for developing individuals into engaged and fulfilled team members resulting in thriving and successful teams.”
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Dan T. Cathy
Chairman & CEO
Chick-fil-A, Inc
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